Schumpeter School

The Schumpeter School is the result of the faculty’s new orientation. We are going to be concentrating more on the broad topic "Innovation" in the future and using it to create a lasting profile.

When choosing a person, after whom a school, faculty or Institution is named, there are usually two alternatives: the people often chosen have had a connection (historically) with the Institution; in which case the given name does not lead to programmatic outcomes. We did not go by this alternative because J.A Schumpeter was not a local resident of Wuppertal. We instead took the “high road” in choosing a name thus reaching a programmatic conciliation with the faculty.

The comprehensive preoccupation with structural change, innovative business concepts, innovation-supporting market structures, educational-economic needs or the legal cushioning of innovations will become our hallmark. These are trend-setting fields of research which form the basis of interesting and clearly career-oriented teaching. It is therefore obvious what Economics at the University of Wuppertal stands for. The name change to "The Schumpeter School of Business and Economics" supports this strategic positioning.

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Stilisierte Ansicht von Joseph Schumpeter
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