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Stilisierte Ansicht von Joseph Schumpeter


  • International QCA Summer Workshop 2018
    28. bis 30. Mai 2018 an der Schumpeter School[mehr]
  • Vortrag der Bergischen Juristengesellschaft
    Am Donnerstag, den 08. März 2018[mehr]
  • Proseminare im Sommersemester 2018
    Informationen und Anmeldung[mehr]
  • Klausurteilnehmerlisten für das WS 17/18 veröffentlicht
    Klausurphase startet an der Schumpeter School[mehr]
  • Einladung zum zweiten Wuppertal R-Treffen
    am 20.02.2018 im Senatssal[mehr]
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Neues englischsprachiges Lehrangebot

Weekly Economic Discussion Group

Would you like to improve your English speaking skills? Do you have an interest in Economics?

If the answer is yes, the Chair of Public Finance and Taxation is holding a weekly economic discussion group for students to practice their English language skills by presenting and discussing topics on economics. Persons can participate by presenting a topic related to economics, or simply by taking part in discussion. Presentations and discussions will take place in English. As there are no credit points or grades awarded, participants in the group will receive a certificate of participation at the end of the semester.

The discussion is held every Monday at 18:00 in room M.14.06 and will be facilitated by a native English speaking Ph.D student of Prof. Dr. Kerstin Schneider.

If you have further questions please contact Michael Perdue at perdue{at}