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Stilisierte Ansicht von Joseph Schumpeter


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Fields of Competence

According to the strategic orientation of the Schumpeter School of Business and Economics the existing competences are concentrated in interdisciplinary areas. The research and teaching activities are organized in the following eight fields of competence:



Applied Economics and International Economic Policy

The field of competence "Applied Economics and International Economic Policy" provides international and application oriented research and teaching based on sound theoretical and methodological foundations. An internationally oriented knowledge transfer, inter alia through visits of international institutions (eg ECB, European Commission, OECD, WTO, ITU, IZA), characterizes this field of competence.



Entrepreneurship and Innovation

„Entrepreneurship and Innovation“  is a field of competence that deals with the emergence of new and dynamic businesses and innovation processes. Research projects and study programs include methods from management, economics as well as educational science. In particular,  research activities focus on innovative entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial personality, social entrepreneurship, financing of new ventures, organization of innovation management, knowledge transfer between public research institutions and firms, research as well as evaluation of research and technology policy.



Finance, Accounting, Controlling and Taxation

The field of competence "Finance, accounting, controlling and taxes" discusses all the major issues of economic decisions, which are typically accruing in finance departments, eg the issues of corporate finance, the management and control sub-areas, accounting, taxation, asset management, controlling and auditing. In addition, the prevailing legal conditions as well as the observation, evaluation and further development of theoretical principles is focused.



Management and Marketing

The field of competence "Management and Marketing" is dedicated to the management of companies with a special emphasis on customer, market and employee orientetation. Increasing competition between companies requires the continuous development of new forms of marketing, customer services and Human Resource Management in order to survive.



Operations Management

The field “Operations Management” deals with the management of production processes and of service operations. This comprises fulfilling all the necessary tasks of strategic, tactical, and operative planning as well as of real-time control in order to ensure an efficient execution of production processes and service operations.

For this purpose, various planning- and real-time control optimization problems have to be mathematically modeled, analyzed, and solved by specifically designed solution algorithms. By using modern information and communication technologies, these algorithms are able to plan and control real-world processes.


Due to its interdisciplinary character, this field integrates results obtained from related fields of research such as Business Administration, Economics, Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics, and Operations Research.  




Sustainability Management

“The claim of the society as a whole for social, economical and ecological sustainability faces companies with enormous challenges. Their accomplishment requires on the economical level an enhanced contribution towards questions containing planning, structuring and controlling referring to the aspect of sustainability - their processes and structures.” 



Health Economics and Management

The field of competence “Health Economics and Management” focuses on current challenges in health and health care. It analyses health-related questions from a variety of vantage points: social and economic determinants, implications, and policy interventions. This includes the role of the education system in general and universities in particular providers of knowledge and research institutions. Contemporary challenges in health and health care sector require complex and innovative thinking. The field “Health Economics and Management” provides the much-needed cross-disciplinary methodological repertoire, which is geared towards the demands and needs of the regional and national health sector.




The field of competence "methods" deals with a comprehensive methodological training in the fields of mathematics, statistics, accounting and business informatics as well as an introduction to economics and related areas of law. Handling economic models and theories, as well as the application of necessary mathematical and statistical methods aim for modeling and solving industrial problems.