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Stilisierte Ansicht von Joseph Schumpeter


  • Prüfungen im Wintersemester
    Vorläufige Prüfer- und Klausurterminlisten [more]
  • EU-Förderung für Projekt "DINNOS"
    Lehrstuhl für Arbeits-, Organisations-, und Wirtschaftspsychologie [more]
  • Termin zur </br>Klausureinsicht
    "BWiWi 1.7 Grundzüge des Privatrechts" [more]
  • Das Schumpeter School Kino präsentiert:
    "The Man Who Discovered Capitalism" [more]
  • Jun-Prof. Dr. Rachuba "Honorary Research Fellow"
    an der University of Exeter [more]
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Finance, accounting, controlling and taxes

The field of competence "Finance, accounting, controlling and taxes" discusses all the major issues of economic decisions, which are typically accruing in finance departments, eg the issues of corporate finance, the management and control sub-areas, accounting, taxation, asset management, controlling and auditing. In addition, the prevailing legal conditions as well as the observation, evaluation and further development of theoretical principles is focused.