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Stilisierte Ansicht von Joseph Schumpeter


  • SAP als digitaler Weltkonzern..
    Gastvortrag vom 25. November 2019 [more]
  • Prüfungen im Wintersemester
    Vorläufige Prüfer- und Klausurterminlisten [more]
  • EU-Förderung für Projekt "DINNOS"
    Lehrstuhl für Arbeits-, Organisations-, und Wirtschaftspsychologie [more]
  • Das Schumpeter School Kino präsentiert:
    "The Man Who Discovered Capitalism" [more]
  • Jun-Prof. Dr. Rachuba "Honorary Research Fellow"
    an der University of Exeter [more]
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Health Economics and Management

The field of competence “Health Economics and Management” focuses on current challenges in health and health care. It analyses health-related questions from a variety of vantage points: social and economic determinants, implications, and policy interventions. This includes the role of the education system in general and universities in particular providers of knowledge and research institutions. Contemporary challenges in health and health care sector require complex and innovative thinking. The field “Health Economics and Management” provides the much-needed cross-disciplinary methodological repertoire, which is geared towards the demands and needs of the regional and national health sector.