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Stilisierte Ansicht von Joseph Schumpeter


  • "" - Last Mile Logistics
    Online-Konferenz zur Logistik auf der "letzten Meile" [more]
  • Marketing für das Berufsschullehramt
    Lehrstuhl für Marketing startet Drittmittelprojekt [more]
  • "Women Entrepreneurs in Science"
    Millionen-Förderung für Projekt um Prof. Volkmann [more]
  • Prüfungen im Sommersemester
    Vorläufige Prüfer- und Klausurterminlisten [more]
  • Bologna-Check 2020
    Ihr Feedback ist gefragt! [more]
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Operations Management

The field “Operations Management” deals with the management of production processes and of service operations. This comprises fulfilling all the necessary tasks of strategic, tactical, and operative planning as well as of real-time control in order to ensure an efficient execution of production processes and service operations.

For this purpose, various planning- and real-time control optimization problems have to be mathematically modeled, analyzed, and solved by specifically designed solution algorithms. By using modern information and communication technologies, these algorithms are able to plan and control real-world processes.

Due to its interdisciplinary character, this field integrates results obtained from related fields of research such as Business Administration, Economics, Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics, and Operations Research.