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Stilisierte Ansicht von Joseph Schumpeter


  • Jun-Prof. Dr. Rachuba Editor
    von "Operations Research for Health Care" [more]
  • CHE-Ranking 2020: Studierendenbefragung
    "Sag wie's ist!" [more]
  • Gastvortrag: „Marktforschung im digitalen Zeitalter“
    am 15.01.2020 [more]
  • Lehrbuch zu Modellen und Verfahren des Operations Research
    Neue Veröffentlichung von Prof. Dirk Briskorn [more]
  • SAP als digitaler Weltkonzern..
    Gastvortrag vom 25. November 2019 [more]
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Prospective Students


Studying at the Schumpeter School is not just something for future managers. Our programmes provide a wide perspective on the fields of business administration, economics, law and methods as well as complementary sciences like statistics, computing, mathematics and psychology. In addition, we offer interdisciplinary courses, e.g. economic engineering, health economics and health management as well as transport economics.


Future Prospects

If you are just interested in the way that tax reductions for luxury cars affect the price of petrol or if you already had an innovative idea for a successful business you came to the right place.

Entrepreneurs can be found here as well as future auditors, marketing specialists, human resource managers and financial experts. Even health economists, economic engineers and transport economists are trained at the Schumpeter School of Business and Economics.


Bachelor of Science Business and Economics

Economic Master Programmes



If you have any questions about the Schumpeter School and it's prorgammes please contact the Student Service.