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Student Services

Gruppe Studenten

Today’s university system is strongly shaped by the impacts of the Bologna process which aims at promoting a common European Studying Space; more flexibility and mobility on the one hand and increasing internationalization on the other hand are expected from the universities. This means that students should face standardized and transparent degrees and universities are expected to create structural frameworks which allow for the achievement of the goals of the Bologna process in an efficient manner.

Against this background the University Wuppertal has recently undertaken great efforts – under the label student services – to implement measures that will meet all requirements for a modern university. We emphasize that students are supported through a coaching process: during studying as well as after the studies as is highlighted in the following graph:

Student Guidance and Counselling

Office Hours
Student CounsellingTue10 - 11 hM.11.10


15 - 16 h



and by appointment


The Schumpeter School Consultants will help you with organizational and professional questions or problems concerning the study programme, examinations as well as information on international student exchange.

General information
Study Abroad
Master's application

EMail: studienberatung{at}
EMail: international{at}
EMail: bewerbung-master{at}

Simon FunkenEmail:funken{at}
Phone: +49 (0) 202 439 2465
Assistant Consultants
David HonschaEmail: honscha{at}
Phone: +49 (0)202 439 5234


The services orientation inherent in the concept of Student Services is a key element of the approach adopted in the faculty of Business Administration and Economics. Therefore we hope that we can create elements of identity and reinforce motivation for studying successfully so that students and alumni will feel a long term affiliation with the university. On the following pages you can read more about our offers and options.