Schumpeter School Board

The Schumpeter School Board is the highest decision-making body of the School and is responsible for passing resolutions on important matters concerning the School.

Specifically, it decides, among other things, on the use of the School' s funds and on matters of research and teaching. It decides on the School' s examination regulations and on the establishment or discontinuation of study programmes as well as on other matters specified in the State Higher Education Act. Furthermore, it participates in the preparation of the university development plan as well as the structural and development planning of the School. It also elects the Dean and the members of the other boards and commissions.

The members of the Schumpeter School Board are elected every two years in a group election by all members of the Schumpeter School. In addition to the Chairperson of the Schumpeter School Board (Dean), the Vice Dean and the Vice Dean of Studies, eight further representatives belong to the group of university professors, two representatives to the group of academic employees, three representatives to the group of students and two representatives to the group of administrative employees.

Members of the Schumpeter Schol Board

Group of university professors  
Prof. Dr. André Betzer Voting Member
Prof. Dr. Stefan Bock Voting Member
Prof. Dr. Dirk Briskorn Voting Member
Prof. Dr. Hans Frambach Voting Member
Prof. Dr. Claudia Neugebauer Voting Member
Prof. Dr. Uta Pigorsch Voting Member
Prof. Dr. Dirk Temme Voting Member
Prof. Dr. Peter Witt Voting Member
Group of academic employees  
Simon Funken Voting Member
Dr. Lennart Zey Voting Member
Lennart Borgmann Substitute Member
Rea Röntgen Substitute Member
Group of administrativ employees  
Isabelle Guyot Voting Member
Florian Kluge Voting Member
Group of students  
Philipp Hartwig Voting Member
Urtak Hoti Voting Member
Alana Ohms Voting Member
Sophie Ortlepp Substitute Member
Erduan Zeqiri Substitute Member

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