Decentralised Quality Improvement Commission

The decentralised Quality Improvement Commission advises the Dean on the improvement of teaching and study conditions as well as on quality enhancement. The Quality Improvement Commission consists of seven voting members:

Four representatives from the group of students; one representative from the group of university professors; one representative from the group of academic employees and one representative from the group of administrative employees. Furthermore, the member of the dean's office responsible for teaching and studies is a member of the commission in an advisory capacity without voting rights.

Members of the decentralised Quality Improvement Commission

Group of students:  
Urtak Hoti  
Ben Katzwinkel  
Mina Neiro  
Dominika Walkowiak  
Maja Luisa Schnier Substitute Member
Group of university professors:  
Prof. Dr. Dirk Temme  
Group of academic employees:  
David Honscha  
Group of administrative employees:  
Susanne Haide  

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