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Stilisierte Ansicht von Joseph Schumpeter


  • DGF Auszeichnung: "Best Doctoral Paper Award"
    für Doktoranden der Schumpeter School [more]
  • "Climathon 2019": 24-stündiger Ideenmarathon
    zu Herausforderungen des Klimawandels [more]
  • Herzlich Willkommen!
    Fakultät und Fachschaftsrat laden alle Studienanfänger zur O-Phase ein [more]
  • Informationsveranstaltung zum Master of Education
    für Studienanfänger mit dem Ziel Lehramt [more]
  • Prof. Briskorn wirbt neues DFG-Projekt ein
    Forschung zur "Sharing Economy" [more]
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Studentin mit Buch

The Schumpeter School of Business and Economics was reorganized in 2006: The core activities and studying fields, respectively, are Business Administration, Economics, Pedagogy of Economics, Psychology of Economics, Business Law and Methodological Analysis. We have more than 25 professors and about 100 assistants plus support staff.

We strongly emphasize in our faculty active support for students, including counselling and coaching of students in order to highlight the best options in terms of selecting study fields, core areas and elective studies. The mentoring programme (which has been in operation for many years) makes sure that every student may establish a stable link in terms of counselling and coaching.